Monday, February 27, 2017

Show Quilts Over Fireplaces

Anderson Arts Center has at least 5 marble fireplaces.
Hanging a quilt over a fireplace gives it more presence.
You may have heard me say that serendipity has a lot to do with the way a piece of my Ice Dyes turn out. This on has soft lovely colors. It was not what I was intending when I created it. I was trying to create a blue and brown work. How did it go so wrong/right?
This is a perfect setting for Crimson Sky.
I was able to visit the home which would become the Anderson Arts Center before it even was an art center. My granddaughter Heidi was with me and I would guess she was maybe 5 years old. It bothered her that the right side of the mantel on this fireplace was broken, hardly visible in this photo. I know she doesn’t remember this, but my brain is full of so many moments no one else remembers!
The Impossibledreamoverfireplace
The Impossible Dream hangs over another one of the fireplaces. This is one of my shibori quilts. I spent a long time working on my design wall getting an arrangement of the pieces for this. What suggested the title was the difficulty in getting all the pieces to work with the shapes and sizes. When one is working with special hand dyes there are no extras if you make a wrong cut of the piece. Add to that the inset of several combinations and it makes for a challenging construction process. Fortunately I got it all to work and the quilting complimented the fabrics.
Jewel box over fireplace
Jewel Box hung over a fireplace in one of the two main first floor galleries. It was a favorite of so many people who attended the show. The windows opposite this wall overlook Lake Michigan. The lake is such a perfect setting for this building.
I would not be willing to hang my work over a working fireplace unless there was someway to divert the smoke, but here the fireplaces are not used so they are the perfect location to set off special quilts.

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Robin said...

This is a perfect setting for your beautiful quilts.