Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Loving My Life Adventures!

The last few weeks have been filled with getting things accomplished and finished for my show Ice Tapestries And Shibori Quilts. I will have to admit I surprised myself by getting everything done without letting stress take over.
The arrival of 11 houseguests meant a full house but we made it work and had fun.
Sunday was the show opening reception that was phenomenally well attended by family, friends and a lot of people I didn’t know.
After the show my family held a dinner reception at my home for my family and out of town friends. The food was delicious and the presentation by my DIL Heather was beautiful. So many pitched in to help and Greg and Julie did a fantastic clean up job.
My 3 sons after the dinner
Monday after the show my MN family left early in the day. My FL family were able to spend the day relaxing and then decided to go shopping for “souvenirs” for friends back home. They found some great things and returned with flowers for me.
I also had a beautiful floral wrist corsage from Geri Krein for my show. My Queen Mum gifted me with a gorgeous double ikat piece from India. I have decided it is to beautiful to appreciate if I wear it so it will hang on a wall so it can be truly appreciated by me and others.
Tuesday morning it was time for my FL family to head home but I knew I would see them soon.
I spent the remainder of the week getting organized, having appointments, getting the house ready for my house sitters, and finally completing my part of a cooperative project with 3 friends in Florida.
Yes, I am now happily back in Florida and looking forward to the warm weather again.

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