Friday, June 8, 2018

Fabrics Considered For June Quilts & Quilting Close Ups

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The top right one made it into one of the June Series quilts.
I also think I used a part of the bottom left one.
The others have been overdyed once or more and there are some that need a 6th dying!

I found some close ups of the June Series where you can see the quilting. I thought you might enjoy seeing how I handled a few of them.
Blog quilt photos 91808 008Blog quilt photos 91808 004Blog quilt photos 91808 001
Blog quilt photos 91808 010

Blog quilt photos 91808 011
Blog quilt photos 91808 013
Blog quilt photos 91808 009
As you can see my quilting is suggested by the patterns in the fabric but I only let it influence me to the degree of creating a similar pattern.
I quilt “free and easy” and sometimes it is done in a relatively short time and other times it takes forever. It I the overall feeling that is created with the quilting that makes the quilt. 
I really LOVE to machine quilt when I can design as I go. Often no decision on what I will do is made until the needle hits the fabric and I do something original and something I've never done before.

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