Sunday, June 10, 2018

Variations In Fabric Dyeing

I am sharing another group of dyed fabrics.
I hope you find them interesting.
I can’t even remember how I did some of these shibori fabrics. Many were experiments.
I have used quite a few from this group in my work.

Some people dye with intent to use fabrics is a design they plan to create. My normal method is to create dyed fabrics and let them inspire me to create my designs.
This was an example of dyeing with intent and it really didn’t work. Yet, nothing was lost as I had more fabrics to design with and I have used quite a few of these.

This was created with a method of ice dying that was different than what I use. I just slapped it into a few folds or something very quickly. I love the results but so far it has not told me what it wants to be. Some fabrics don’t start talking as early as others, just like some children.

This is a fabric parfait. The fabrics are layered in a container and each one gets a different color of dye and the dyes mix to a degree.
There are just so many ways to dye fabric and so many wonderful results.
If you are not satisfied with them you can always over dye them, paint on them, discharge them, cut them in strips or smaller pieces and put them back together.
With the hundreds of pieces of fabric I have dyed I have never had one I couldn’t see a way to save.

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