Saturday, June 2, 2018

More Studio Views….Looks Like I Was Either Looking For Something Or Organizing!

Since there is no rhyme nor reason how my photos are organized on my computer I have been sharing studio photos recently as I find some.
studioviews 002
Another view of that corner that you have seen all organized recently!

studioviews 001
Another view as I work on this area.  This was taken some time ago. Some of those you see are finished or sold and some are still works in progress. There are even some that are currently being worked on.

studioshelley visit 001
This is my small office area.

The post office desk with knitting yarns and my knitting machine.
Yes, this is a working studio or a work in progress. I have changed the configurations many times in the 24 years since it was built as my needs have changed.
I also have found it necessary to periodically go through my work and organize it to either make things easier to find, to get quilts out for my solo shows. to get quilts out to finish or get quilts out for buyers.
Of course I even find time to create as that is why I have this space.  That is my number one priority and takes precedence over everything else.

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Robbie said...

Your yarn shelf looks like a great place for shoppers!!! HA