Tuesday, August 4, 2009

75th Birthday Signature Quilt for my Dad

I have decided to continue showing you some of my more traditional quilts for several more posts.

I thought it would be a great idea for the family to make a signature quilt for my Dad for his 75th birthday almost 20 years ago.
Of course I was the only one in the family who quilted.
I sent squares to the rest of the family to sign and when they were all returned I chose this design for the quilt.
It was one of those "EASY" album quilts.
Things are easy when you follow the directions and sew them together as it should be done.
When you get too confident that's when the problems begin.
I made the top left diagonal section with no problems.
I decided it would be easier to make the other half and then sew the two together.
After completing that half I realized I had done it backwards and it looked exactly like the top half. I couldn't sew them together like that.
So I had to take apart each seam where i had joined the rows. Do you realize how long that took - even for me who considered herself the workds best seam ripper?
I added the border print as the border and machine quilted it.
He was very pleased with it.

I am sure it will be much easier for you to put this puzzle together than it was for me to piece this quilt!
Click to Mix and Solve

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