Saturday, August 22, 2009

More triangle quilts

Long before anyone had heard of Stack and Whack I made these quilts from triangles. I stacked 6 layers of a fabric and cut 6 identical triangles from each part of the design. this one is hand quilted.

This is another quilt that I made the same way. It is machine quilted.

I also had my students do this in my Graduate School for Quilters: Design class.
I gave each of them the fabric and it was up to them to create an interesting design with what they were given.

There was one group of fabrics I felt it was going to be impossible for anyone to make work in an attractive manner. The student called me and said it really was good.
I thought she was just being her usual nice pleasant self. It was really good. Stay tuned for the results of this design exercise.

What were those unique fabrics I gave each student? They were those cut and stuff panels of different creatures, etc.

Can you guess what my two quilts started life as? If you don't figure it out watch for the answer on my next post!

So tonight you have not only a puzzle but you have to figure out what the quilts started their lives as!
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Vicki W said...

Just think, you could have written a wildly successful book!

Gene Black said...

I think I know what creatures, if that is what you mean. I won't post my answers though so everyone else can guess.

Eva said...

A kaleidoscope! How fascinating. The one on top is stunning. I like it best of all I've seen from you.

Sandra said...

The quilts are so much better when you click on/enlarge the photos. I really like the first one with all the horse hooves. Don't you just wish you'd had the 'stack n whack' marketing savvy.