Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jerry's Quilt - Modified Rerun

This quilt looks harder than it really is. I had intended to have a cream print background around it, and then a wide border made from a border print. I auditioned at least 30 fabrics for the cream background and nothing seemed to be working. One evening we had another couple over and we were sitting in the area where the quilt was on the design wall. I told my friend Dolly how I just couldn't find a fabric that would work.
My DH Jerry, who up until that time would say "I don't understand it" when he looked at my quilts made a brilliant statement.
He said "Why does it have to be square?"
That was what the quilt had been trying to tell me but I wasn't listening.

It was DONE!!!!!!
I finished the quilt with a very dark narrow binding and it was perfect.
I have also made this quilt in two other colorways that you probably will see at another time.
This quilt showcases beautiful fabric. I've taught this as a class titled "Jerry's Quilt".
Until I added that small amount of the light bright turquoise print the quilt just died it was SO dull.

I've rotated the quilt 45 degrees so you can see just how deceptively simple it really is.

This is the last Jerry's quilt you will see for a long time!
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