Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gardens of The Grand Hotel or Lady of the Lake

A group of quilting friends got together to make half square triangles. We were each instructed to bring blue fabrics. At the time we did this blue fabrics were the fabrics that were the most popular.
We ended up staying up almost all night and piecing a gazillion blue half square triangles to make Lady of the Lake quilts.
When we started to get tired we went for a walk around the "lake" in the condo development. It was a beautiful summer evening and we came back recharged and made more of these.
We slept for a few hours when we got too tired to go on.
We each went home with about an 1/8th gazillion of them.

I lived almost an hour away so as I drove home I decided I had to add some red to my quilt. To bridge the gap between the red and blue I needed to add purple.
At the time I made this I still worked downstairs so I didn't have the large design walls I have now. I hung up a piece of batting and arranged them until I was satisfied with the placement and design.
I added a narrow navy border and then added a half square triangle to use some of the gazillion triangles that were left. The final border is a stripe fabric.

I named this Gardens of the Grand Hotel as the placement of the colors reminded me of the color placement of the lovely gardens of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan.

When you do a puzzle do you start from the center or the edge? The puzzle cut is half square triangles this itme.
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bettyp said...

Love the quilt !!
Good choice of colors too!!

Vicki W said...

ooooh, I love this!

Dolores said...

Did everyone finish the quilt or did they give up because of all the triangles? I like your version with the addition of red and purple.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Beautiful quilt, Kay! Thanks so much for sharing the link. It's amazing!