Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cut It Out!

This is another quilt that I made from pieces of hand dyed fabrics left from larger quilts. You may recognize some of the fabrics if you follow my blog.

Often I cut shapes while I am waiting for something and just keep them on a tray.
When it is time to make a composition I play with those shapes on a background that may be one or more than one fabric.
I also have a lot of other fabrics that I can cut more shapes from.

I am trying to arrive at a pleasing composition.
When I am pleased with the composition I fuse all the parts to the background.

I am then ready to quilt it.
That could happen right away. More often than not it takes time to come up with a quilting design that will complement the overall design of the quilt.
This quilt was quilted with the presser foot down and I moved back and forth, from side to side and at angles to the lines I was quilting. The quilting design strongly relates wo what is happening in the fabric design of the quilt.

Tonight's CUT for Cut It Out is bricks!
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Elaine Adair said...

Wow! so that's how you might approach a new piece!

Deb H said...

What a fun & spontaneous way to work. I like the design, & the puzzle was fun too! Thanks!

Eva said...

Very joyful and energetic! I love this kind of work of yours.
Sometimes I think that the attitude of the artist while working -- either spontaneous and happy or concentrated on a strenuous technique -- is transferred directly to the spectator. Maybe this is why I love to look at pieces that speak of fun.