Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kimono Quilt

This quilt was made with several pieces of Japanese kimono fabric which is only 14 inches wide. Because of the size of the pieces I had to use several fabrics. It really made a much more complex and interesting quilt because I used such a variety.
I combined it with a blue hand dyed gradation. The unifying factor here is the color blue.

I started this quilt many, many years ago. I started quilting it and found what I intended to do wouldn't work. I had to remove a lot of stitching and after doing that I didn't want to see the quilt for a while. It got put away until this summer when I came up with a way to quilt it that complemented the quilt.

I quilted this with an undulating grid that was spaced to coincide with size of the divisions made with the hand dyed gradation. By clicking on this closeup you will see a larger version and be able to see the curved quilting grid. I am so pleased with this finished quilt.

It was a great feeling to finally finish this last night - my 347th quilt.

Enjoy this puzzle. I have given you a relatively easy cut tonight!
Click to Mix and Solve


Vicki W said...

LOVE this!

Anonymous said...

That sure is pretty Kay.

christinebell1 said...


Mary Stori said...'s really lovely.....quilting motif is perfect!

SCquiltaddict said...

lovely Kay....terrific job!

Eva said...

The perfect night piece. A little moonlight on a soothing dark scene. Cool! Just the right thing for a bedroom.
And this is the word verification: unheate.

norma said...

It's lovely, Kay.

Stitch 'n Dye said...


very COOL BLUE quilt - It really is beautiful.

Sue xxx

helen-mary said...

That is a beautiful quilt. Nicely done!