Saturday, October 17, 2009

Enhancing commercial fabric with paint

I chose two pieces of fabric I liked. I spent an enjoyable evening or two painting on each of them to make them more complex and interesting. The squiggles, dots, slashes, commas, etc you see are what I painted.

Un Heuvo Grande 30"W x 24.5" H $400

I chose to cut the fabrics with gentle curves and sew them together alternating the two fabrics to form the design.
I added a lot of decorative stitching along the seams for another layer of pattern.

Although I had not intended the shape I used for the focal point to resemble an egg, it definitely does and that lead to the name.

Enjoy the puzzle.
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Deb H said...

Very nice Kay. I love the colors. I also love how you have changed a commercial fabric to make it more your own. This is something I've been encouraging my students to do in my 'Over the Top Embellishments' class.

Deb said...

Hello Kay, I love the painted commercial fabric! Do you happen to have a before picture. I know you may not and that's ok, but I was just curious about what it looked like before you enhanced it. I just love the result!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Unfortunately I didn't take a before photo. Darn!