Friday, October 23, 2009

More color influences in my life

This photo is a jumble of the serapes in my collection. I love the way colors change and repeat in them. Fortunately they are one of those things that are affordable to collect. I feel my collection is now complete so I won't be competing with you if you are looking to buy some! My passion for them was reignited when I visited Santa Fe, New Mexico and saw them repurposed to make gorgeous expensive clothing.

I grew up in Racine, Wisconsin, home of Johnson's Wax - at least that was what we called the company as I was growing up. It seems we drove by these buildings so often I didn't even realize how they had influenced me. They were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, another Wisconsinite. When I was almost done with "The Colors Of My Life" series I looked at the quilts and realized there was a definite influence from these buildings.

The Fourth of July was a big occasion when I was growing up. We decorated our bikes with crepe paper. We could go to one of the playgrounds and they would GIVE us the crepe paper to decorate our bikes for the bicycle parade. I loved that crepe paper as much as I love fabric today. I bought the crepe paper you see here at the same dime store I shopped as a 5 year old. It is still there and it still has the same wooden counters and many of the same items I bought way back when. Instead of spending my weekly 10 cent allowance when I visit, I now use my credit card and usually end up spending over $100. They have everything you can't find anywhere else so I stock up on those things.

Since I don't have photos of myself from those Fourth of July parades (they didn't even have colored film back then!) I'm sharing photos of my great nephews from the 2009 parade. I guess they no longer use crepe paper.

This is Roan who is very content riding in the parade.

Quinn and Kale, Roans big brothers are enjoying driving their car in the parade.

I was allowed to go shopping each week with my allowance and often bought crepe paper. My favorite color was American Beauty Rose. I have searched far and wide for a package of American Beauty Rose crepe paper to show when I lecture and I haven't been able to find it.
This is very close to the crepe paper color American Beauty Rose. It was a little darker and a little brighter. I have almost perfect pitch when it comes to remembering the color of something.

One of my first sewing ventures was making myself a flower costume for a program at the YWCA. I used American Beauty Rose and green crepe paper. I was 8 years old and able to use my mom's treadle sewing machine. It turned out great. When I wore it for dress rehearsal I perspired and the color ran down my face! A kind mother provided a dance costume she had and I wore that for the program.

If you're still with me after wading through this long blog I have a crepe paper puzzle for you!
Click to Mix and Solve


Karen said...

Love your inspirations! And what an amazing small world we live in. I was surprised to see you were from Racine, the Belle city. Of course I know this because that is where I lived during my teenage years. The Johnson Wax rotunda was one of my favorite buildings and I still harbor a love of Frank Loyd Wright homes.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Love small world connections!

Jamie Kalvestran said...

I too grew up in Wisconsin and have felt and effects of FLW. Love your posts! JK