Thursday, April 26, 2012

All I Do Is Dream Of You–Shibori!

Today I was showing some of the pieces from this shibori dyeing session to my quilting friends.
I fell in love with some of them all over again.
dyeing session april2012 diagonalkmagentastripes
This is another one done with that favorite damask of mine. This fabric would make wonderful clothing if I don’t dye it all before I make something to wear from it.
dyeing session april2012damaskwithmultiunderpaintteal2
A lot of good color is happening in this piece. The more color and design in a piece, the simpler it has to be handled when creating.
dyeing session april2012 greenteallongsimple
This piece with it’s simpler design and the cool colors would work great with either of the above pieces.
dyeing session april2012simplecormertealdamask
This simple piece could also work with either of the first two. This shows the color of the teal dye I used quite accurately as I was dyeing pure white fabric.


Robin said...

Thanks for the revisit to your lovely shibori fabrics- I want to reach into the monitor and stroke them. I shared the pics with my daughter who doesn't quilt and she was enamoured with them.

Dolores said...

TFS! Very nice pieces!