Monday, April 2, 2012

Quilts And Clay - Examples Using Color and Design

I was asked a question on Facebook about how clay influences my quilting. I like to think they are both coming from the same place in my design sensibilities.

As I looked at these quilts it is quite apparent I used techniques very similar to those I am using to design my current batch of amulets.

When I made Quilt 266 I started with a two color background. In working with polymer clay this would have been a Skinner blend.
On top of this I added segments of other fabrics. That would have been like adding slices of a cane.
The quilting ties it all together, as does the clay technique of making a round shape by rolling and flattening.

For Quilt 267 the background is similar to a blended group of clay colors, run through the pasta machine many times to get a smooth blend. On top of that the applique of the narrow strips could have been polymer clay "snakes" I rolled to add interest to the background. The spirals could have come from a transparent cane with a opaque design in it.

Quilt 268 is probably the most straight forward technique so similar to what I would do with polymer clay. I have a plaque I made where I have used circles extruded through a "machine" and placed on a solid piece of clay. Yes, they each look different but again the same design sensibilities take over.

And finally, it is also all about color for me. I LOVE color. I can't get enough of it.
Bright, subtle, neutral, light, dark, mottled, textured - the list goes on - and on - and on..........................

I will finish the current group of amulets today and bake all of them. I now have 104 ready to bake and will just be making about 10 more. Then I'll be cleaning things up and putting them away for the next projects.


Robin said...

oh my love the middle quilt!! Good thing I live far away or I would have to steal it away!

Sharon Siacci said...

Lovely use of colour.