Saturday, April 21, 2012

More, More, More Shibori

I am doing a blog post with a different browser . I am hoping it works as I can barely see the commands - even though I downloaded what it said I should. I am not a happy camper about this and hope I'll get some help to get things straightened out so I can continue to share on this blog.
This was done by clamping plexiglas squares onto fabric that I folded into 8 layers. Some of the dye crept under the plexiglas.
For this one I just started with a piece of mint green fabric, scrunched it up and wrapped it in netting. It is a very simple way to get an interesting texture.
This was done with one of my new favorite techniques I learned in Jan Myers Newbury's class "A Pole And A Piece Of Fabric." I thought this piece would make an interesting puzzle. Click to Mix and Solve

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Eva said...

Oh I love the green and turquoise one! It so reminds me of a lagoon with sunshine in shallow water.