Monday, April 23, 2012

Project Plans For This Week

My schedule this week is more open than it has been the last few weeks. I "think" I only have 3 things scheduled.

With that in mind I decided to pull out the projects I hope to work on this week.

That doesn't necessarily mean I will finish each one of them.

It also doesn't mean I won't decide to work on others. These are the things that really have the highest priorities as I see it TODAY! Since my life is not controlled by goals and a rigid schedule these days, this is about as structured as it ever gets.

These are the four projects I plan on working on this week.

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Robbie said...

I see where Tommy has received four of the slices already! Yikes! I'm just quilting my piece now and it's taking forever!! I hope to have in the mail on Thursday..she wanted them by the 7th! Yikes! Hope you progress well on yours..I can see some of the pic!!