Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Black And White Shibori Quilt – It’s Quilted!


I quilted this with transparent thread so the quilting is a little harder to see than had I used regular thread. The quilting adds some texture to the pattern of the shibori.


You can see the quilting much better on the back of the quilt. I used that wonderful cotton/linen damask I dye for the back of this quilt.


This is a close up of the center section of the quilt. You can see the quilting clearer in this photo. I let the pattern created by the shibori suggest the way I quilt, but I do not attempt to follow the lines exactly.

All I have to do know is decide how I am going to finish the edges of this quilt and add the casing and label.


Lisa from DippyDyes said...

I'd suggest - don't bind it. Either do a knife-edge, or turn the back to the front. Or use a facing - same effect.

Robbie said...

You know how I love black and white!! This is stunning!

momiji said...

I just came across this quilt--what a fabulous piece of work! Can you say more about how you dyed the fabric?