Sunday, April 29, 2012

I Really Can Cook!

Yesterday I made this casserole and took it to a friend’s house.
Turkey casserole
I got this recipe from the friend’s relative. I would not have picked it out myself, but it was very good.
This was the second time I made it and the first time I made a small portion for myself.
First I had to cook turkey as the recipe called for 3 cups of turkey. If you don’t count the time to cook the turkey it was quite quick to make.
I thought I was so smart bringing it in my casserole carrier. Guess what? I left the casserole carrier at their house! Duh………….


Robin said...

Looks yummy- what's in it besides turkey?
Hope they don't live far way so that you can get your carrier back.

Roniquilts2 said...

So, Kay, are you going to share the recipe? :) It looks good!

Robbie said...

I can testify you can cook!!! I had a great quiche lunch with you!!! This looks great!