Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gridded Painting


I had an urge to paint late last night.

I pulled out several previously painted incomplete pieces and chose this one to work on.


It was done with Seta Color transparent paints with leaves to give it detail.

I did the vertical bars first. I thought I would have to wait until this morning to do the horizontal bars. I had placed in under a ceiling fan and it dried quickly enough so I could do the second layer.

This is a study piece for some other larger pieces I’d like to do.

I used Silk Screen paint for this one. I have 3 other types of paints I’d like to try this with on other study pieces. I then can decide if I want to work on the large piece I originally had the idea to do this to.


Anonymous said...

Interesting the way painting has grabbed you.... the way cooking grabs me at weird hours... keep at it.... and show us.....

Mary Stori said...

Wow....the grid is the perfect overlay for this painted it!

Cathy Perlmutter said...

The translucency is wonderful. It looks pieced!