Monday, December 24, 2012

Tie One On–Or Maybe Two!


I’ve had the idea to make these pillows for several years. I finally did it!!!!!!!!!

They are made from men’s silk ties and wool suiting fabrics.

I have a “ton” of ties and this hardly made a dent in the collection!

Please don’t tell anyone about these as they are a gift for someone who doesn’t read my blog.


Mary Stori said...

What a GREAT idea Kay......tx's for sharing and I won't tell anyone!

Betty P said...

Mary, this is a wonderful idea. I am a Hospice nurse having had the privilege of caring for my brother-in-law when he was dying. I have many of his ties and would like to make a pillow for my sister's Christmas. I am a new seamstress and am wondering if you could share your pattern for this pillow?

carol schoner said...

Well I read your blog, so they are not for me, but really this is the best use of ties! Not tacky at all. Using the suiting made all of the difference in the world. You are truely nothing short of genius! Love them. (If I quit reading your blog, might I get some next Christmas, or maybe Easter!)