Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Painting–Full View


This shows you the entire part of the canvas I painted. You can see the painting does not go to the edges.

I will have to handle that.



I did some cropping of the painting on my computer. I am not sure this is my final answer.

I received this comment about the painting yesterday:

“The spirit of Wasilly Kandinsky was most definitely with you as you worked.”

I found that interesting as I was working out of my head drawing on many years of living, seeing and doing.

I can see a very tiny resemblance to his work.

What do YOU see?


Anonymous said...

I see great happy colors and fun, until you get to the right and then there is that dark blob.... but such is life... so I see LIFE.

Robin said...

The colors and shapes make me smile and giggle. Your bright spirit shines thru!