Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Painting On Canvas



I have about 2 yards of canvas on my table ready to apply a coat of gesso.


I covered almost all the canvas with the container of gesso I had. The gesso didn’t seem to be drying so I took it outside in the sun and laid it on the grass. It was dry in no time.


When I brought it back inside and put it on the table I put felt rather than plastic under it. I started to paint with no plan in mind. When I am designing something I often start with no plan in mind. This is also how I work when I am quilting a quilt.


I have the entire gessoed area of the canvas painted with the first layer of paint.


I have added a second layer of paint to the piece. I used random designs.


I now have 3 layers of painting with more random designs.


This is a closer view of the fourth layer of design. The colors don’t look quite the same in each picture as the sun changed its angle in the sky while I was painting and by the time I finished painting it was very bright. I don’t know if I will add anything else. I am going to look at this for a while before I decide.

I also don’t know what I  am going to do with this yet.

Originally I thought I’d cut it up into smaller pieces but I like the total look so I don’t think I’ll cut it into smaller units.

I may cut off part  of it – and then again I may not!


Robin said...

How gorgeous! I want to hang it in my new living room! Puzzle me please.
Can you take a photo and enlarge it for sale?

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely gorgeous fabric. And your spot for painting it!!
Kathy in Beebeetown, IA

norma said...

Beautiful, beautiful colors and I love the way you've done the shading in each one.

sherry peterson said...

The spirit of Vasilly Kandinsky was most deffinitely with you while you worked. I like that.byernmi

Mary Stori said...

Totally COOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Stunning! The colors are so vibrant. Knowing the process you used is so helpful as a beginner in the fabric and paint process.

Robbie said...

love the colors and movement in this piece!!! Great job!

Leslie Tucker Jenison said...

Very fun, Kay! Liberating to paint like this, isn't it?!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Leslie, yes it was very liberating and allowed my style to happen! I'm ready to go shopping for Gesso tomorrow!

Carol Morrissey said...

Seeing this really makes me even more determined to break out the brushes and canvas! Thanks for the inspiration. It is lovely.

Patty Cramer said...

This is fantastic...WOW!!! Do you have to put gesso over it again and can you do this with pfd??