Friday, December 7, 2012

Gridded Paintings–Day 2


This is the first layer of painting I did on another piece that is similar to the first grid I did.


This is what I started with.


This is the final layer.

I also did a second piece that was smaller.


This is the first layer of paint on the second piece.


This is the piece with a second layer of paint – really a third layer as I started all of these from fabric that had already been painted with Seta Color.


This was cut from a larger piece. You can see what it originally looked like by looking at the piece on the left.

I am enjoying doing these paintings, but I will have to switch gears in a few days as I have some things with high priorities to finish.


Robbie said...

You are a busy lady!! Love these paintings of fabric! Next to see what and how you work with them!!

Eva said...

Amazing effects! Brillant. Love them.