Monday, January 21, 2013

Surprises Surfacing In My Studio Reorganization


Quite a few years ago I taught a class I originated making a sample quilt from Nine 9 inch blocks.

The blocks were not original creations.

I chose 9” blocks as 9 is divisible by more numbers that most other numbers. It also make a quilt that was a reasonable size to use and FINISH!

My original class piece is awaiting quilting and I don’t have a picture.

When I found these blocks (and a few more in progress) I decided to put them on my design wall and study them before deciding what to do with them.

I have a new very portable design wall I finished right before I started the studio reorganization.


I made this with a gray flannel sheet, 4 pieces of PVC pipe and 4 PVC pipe elbows. I can simply prop it against a wall anywhere.

It is very portable and I can just move it out of the way if I want. It fits through doorways. It is larger than my previous design walls.

It’s biggest advantages are it is gray – a much  better color than black or white for a design wall, and it can sit in my great room where I can look at it without it being in the way.

If it is in the way I can easily knock it down and roll it up.

The hardest part of making this was finding a medium gray flannel sheet that was affordable. I looked for several years before I found one at the end of the winter season.


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous design wall idea. Thanks for posting about it.

Lois K

The Inside Stori said...


Quilter Beth said...

This is such a clever and inexpensive solution.

Judy said...

What size is it?

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I don't know the size. I just tore the sheet until it was a reasonable size rectangle.
Then I cut out rounded openings for the corners,
Next I turned under a casing and stitched one on all edges.
Then I put the PVC pipe in it and cut it to fit with a table saw.
You should see the mess I made around the saw!

Sandie said...

I made one very similar to yours, but used the "T" that allows the PVC pipe to slide thru it in a cut out opening in my sheet, and used another length of pipe the same length as the sides inserted into the "T", to make an easel tpe of prop to stand it up any where. I love mine!

Wen said...

wonderful idea- my friend has a craft booth with walls made this way!

Cathy Perlmutter said...

Excellent idea, very useful!

Holly Knott said...

A very cool idea - clever, Kay! Thanks for sharing.