Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

Today I am going to show you the rest of the Valentines I received in our fiber art exchange up close and personal.


This one is by Chris Fitzreiter. She used a lot of gorgeous sparkly metallic fabrics. Her background is also significant as it features a musical theme and music is something near and dear to Chris.


Judy Devaney attached a little message on a separate tag to each of the Valentines she sent. Her Valentines were a crazy quilt style, one of my favorite kinds of quilts.

It is obvious she knows how to use her sewing machine and it’s various stitches to advantage and she knows how to make a person feel good about themselves.


Carolyn Eaton did a masterful job of combining many different sewing techniques and trims.

Did you notice the see thru ribbon she used? The “dream” message? The fleur de leis she stitched? The flower with the pear center? and of course the strip pieced background. It’s hard to integrate so many varying things and she sure knew how to do it.


Gloria Meacham is one of the members of our group who is a master at using all the features on her sewing machine.


She even used her machine to sign the back of each valentine.


Carol Walker made each Valentine different. Her theme was using texture on them. She showed us all of them and then sealed them in envelopes and had someone shuffle and cut the envelopes and passed them around and we each got a beautiful card. The one I received features metallic fabrics woven like a Swedish heart.


Of all the Valentines I received this one reminds me the most of the type of Valentine we used to exchange in grade school. It also is a perfect quilters Valentine featuring sun bonnet Sue.

Elaine Scully is another member of our group who is so talented when it comes to using her computerized sewing machine. In addition to that what creativity this shows. Of course I ate the sucker right after I photographed it!


One of the guidelines for this project was they had to be in an envelope. Elaine made her own envelopes with a heart print fleece type fabric. No one else thought to do that.

This was such a fun project and really allowed every one to play to their strengths. We do something like this about once a year and it just keeps getting better and better. Can’t wait for our next project.

There is not puzzle cut that is a heart so I used a star symbolizing the fact that each and every Valentine our group made was "STAR" quality! Click to Mix and Solve

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Kelly said...

Beautiful all around! What fun it must be to participate in a group of such talented people!! Oh and thanks for the puzzle...I'll be doing that one later today when I take a break!