Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sometimes There’s More To A Piece Of Art Than Meets The Eye!


I couldn’t wait for this to arrive.

It was so much more than what it looked like in the pictures. I had committed to this acquisition about 3 p.m. on the 13th of February, a Wednesday afternoon.

I unpacked it and hung it right away as I knew exactly where I was going to put it.

It is 3D and amazing. There is so much symbolism in it.

It was also the beginning of strange story.

At 10:30 that evening I opened my front door for something and thought I saw something whizz by. I thought it was probably a bug.

I closed the door and looked around and there was a BIRD sitting up on my big quilt in the great room.

What to do? I opened the door hoping it would go back out, but didn’t see it go out.

I looked around the room and couldn’t see it so I decided to look in the rest of the house.

It had gone through the master bedroom and into the master bath,  which meant it had to take 2 left turns to get there.

I had the presence of mind to close the door to the master bathroom. Then what?

I felt it was too late to call anyone so I walked down the street and saw a neighbor who I thought could catch it for me still had their lights on. He came over and spent about 10 minutes trying to capture it with an old bath towel. It was in the tiny room that just has the toilet. He finally got it and took it outside for me. I was so relieved.

End of story? Oh, No!

Sunday evening I had friends over for dinner. They all left about 9 p.m.

After they left I heard a chirping sound and figured I hadn’t shut the refrigerator. I got up to do it and the bird was BACK – flying across the kitchen part of the great room. This time I had the presence of mind to close all the doors off the great room and open the BIG sliding doors to the lanai. Took a walk down to the neighbors and they were gone. So I called one of the friends who had been here for dinner and Lynn said “John will be right there with his net.”

He got here in record time. I was not sure whether the bird was on the screened lanai or still in the great room hiding in the artificial greens on top of the cupboards.

When we were sure it was on the lanai I closed the doors so it wouldn’t come back in. We turned on the lights which just drove him up to the 20 foot ceiling. John threw the chair cushions up in an attempt to get him down. John figured it was a better idea to turn off the lights and so I got him a flashlight lantern. The bird then came down to the floor and tried to hide under the furniture. John caught him in the net several times and he kept escaping. Finally he got him and took him back outside.

He came in and said “He was such a cute bird and he’s out in the tree in the back”. I said I didn’t think he was so cute.

I tried to get a picture of the bird when he was on the floor but was not successful. I have no idea what kind of bird he was and I couldn’t find one that looked like him on line.

taped door 001

I have taped my front door shut so I don’t forget and open it for a while. All guests will have to come in through my messy garage.

I also took the wreath off the front door which could have been attracting him and put it in a bag in the garage so he wouldn’t come in the garage when I opened the door.

I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends and neighbors.

Life at “Seldom Inn” is never dull! I wish it had been last week.

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