Thursday, February 7, 2013

Studio Closet Reorganization Is Finished

I’m happy to share my neat and clean studio closet with you.


This is the right side of the closet. I have a 7 runner and a 4 runner Elfa drawer frame stacked on top of each other with a solid surface top.

I used a variety of drawer sizes to best suit my storage needs.


In these drawers I have the quilting fabrics I want most accessible.

It holds solid color cottons, batiks, hand dyed fabrics, 1/4 yards of prints, and some of my favorite  larger pieces of cotton prints.


On the left side of the closet I have recessed two 7 drawer units into that 26 inches of dead space to the right of the closet doors.

Again I have used a variety of sizes of drawers.


This shows the open drawers on the left.

These drawers contain bulky fabrics, supplies, projects and miscellaneous fabrics.


One of the things I have had the hardest time figuring out how to store is my collection of cheapy sleazy slippery sheer nylon and polyester fabrics, etc. Most of them are only 1/4 yard or less. I figured out that if I folded them so they were 6 inches high and rolled them around my 3 inch ruler they fit perfectly in a 2 runner drawer and I could see them all. I arranged them in color flow order so I could find what I wanted. I was surprised that I could fit them all in one drawer along with some of the other fabrics and trims I use for machine needle felting. I found fabrics I forgot I had when I arranged this drawer since before they were not at all organized.

I am really enjoying being able to find what I have. I am working on my second project since the closet reorganization. It is a BIG project. I hope I’ll have it finished and be able to share it with you soon.


Carol Morrissey said...

Inspired by your project, I bought an eight-drawer Elfa unit for the closet. At the moment, my sewing room is disastrous--you can barely walk through it. I'll post photos when I get the closet organized. I should have taken a "before" photo. Guess I could photograph the room.

Peggi Yac said...

Looks great! How long will you be able to keep it looking so neat? I would last through only one project!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Because everything has a logical place I'm finishing up my second project since I started organizing it and it's still in show off condition!!!!!!
I think the key is like things together, color order, and ease of retrieving things and putting them away.

Robin said...

Thanks for sharing your storage ideas. I love the end up storage for small cuts, no lifting and shuffling to see what's in the drawer. I will try it with my bins.

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of the Elfa drawer units! Love them! Thanks for sharing how you organized your closet. I'm off to locate these drawers in my area!

Nina Marie said...

I have a big collection of sheer fabrics too and basically what I did was fold them all and put them in a nice medium box with a lid - sometimes they get feisty and try to fight back but I just stuff them all in again and shut the lid down! So yeah I'm losing the battle with them too!

Heather P said...

Beautifully organized! What a wonderful place to create.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Wonderful organization! I could fold all my fabrics like that too, but I know me...the first time I wanted would all come undone and be a total disaster again. Ah well, I can dream (and look at yours for inspiration)!