Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Ultimate Design Wall Flannel Fabric

9 inch sampler blocks 002
When I posted about my latest design for a design wall using gray flannel and PVC pipe I got a message from Liza Lucy about something even better!
I now own one of the first pieces of this wonderful gray gridded design wall flannel.
It is everything a design wall should be.
It is being produced by Westminster fabrics.
The 2 inch grid is cream and the gray is an almost perfect photographic gray.
I was impressed with how perfectly straight it is printed – not an easy feat for this type of design.
I have mine pinned to my larger design wall right now. It can be taped to any blank wall.
You can use it to cover many surfaces.
It is 45 inches wide and can be purchased by the yard.

It will also be available in this special bag made from Kafe Fassett fabric that is convenient to take to workshops.
Even if you don’t work in a block format the grid will help you keep your work lined up and straight.

Because it is flannel fabric sticks to it without pins, unless it is very big. Then you may want to add a few pins to hold it in place.
As of now it is scheduled to be shipped to quilt shops April 7, 2013. You may want to ask your local quilt shop if they have ordered it.


Quilter Beth said...

This looks GREAT! Wouldn't it be nice if they would make it in a wider width for large design walls? I'm thinking that piecing it together and keeping the grid straight might be hard (for me) to do.

Glenda said...

Only 45 inches wide? Didn't Westminster do a bit of market research before hand? My board is 4 meters wide by 2 meters tall- and most of my friend's boards are the same.

Does beg the question as to whether I should simply draw the squares on to the existing felt with a koki.

Glenda said...

IT's a good idea but didn't WEstminister do a bit of research before hand? Everyone I know who has a design board has a big one. Mine is 4 meters wide X 2 meters tall.45 inch wide fabric goes nowhere.

Unknown said...

I would love the directions on how to make your design wall if you're willing to share them.

Robin said...

I will have to look for the grid flannel. I need a new design wall.