Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It’s Not Over Until It’s Over!


I made this pincushion from my pile of BIG scraps.


I stuffed it with scraps of wool batting. It is about 4 x 5 inches. It’s perfect to keep my pins separated by different colors and sizes.


This is the quilt I made with my “scraps too small of use”! It is 6 x 8 inches.


And just as there is a beginning, there also is an end. These are the little bits I had left and they all went into the trash!


Robin said...

I applaud your use of the scraps. you have more patience than I do. I tend to toss my scraps as keeping them neat is harder than getting more fabric. I do recycle the bigger pieces to other quilters.

Mary Stori said...

I've always said you can make something out of almost nothing....and do that beautifully!

Judy Ferguson said...

And sometimes we find ourselves with ugly fabrics from days gone by. I find that they make great scrap backgrounds. Love that pincushion.

Cheryl in Friendsville said...

I have enabling friends who give me their pieces that they think are too small to use. I love little tiny bits. And your quilt is just wonderful.

Mandy Pedigo said...

Inspiring! I have been saving too small to use scraps as well.

Margaret said...

What fun -- and persistence! And all with some of my favourite colours! :-)

ann said...

I think the little piece you made with all of those scraps is the BEST! I too save scraps, but they must be at least 3/4" wide. Now I am in angst about all of the beautiful tiny bits I threw away.
Congratulations on a wonderful art piece.

Anonymous said...

What a great little pin cushion. I have to crates - one gets pieces to small to fold but too large to toss. The other one gets scraps. I don't know what I"ll do with the scraps crate, but I do know that if I throw it out, I'll wish I had it shortly! The too large to toss crate will fill an afternoon one day when I want to sit and cut strips and squares - then they will get used in one quilt or another. Thanks for the inspiration!