Friday, June 7, 2013

Grandpa Koeper’s Rocker


This is the chair my Grandpa Koeper sat in ALL the time. Whenever you came to visit you found him here.

When my grandma passed away and we were emptying their house no one was going to take it. It was big, heavy and out of style.

I felt it had to be kept and treasured so we became the keepers of it.


Several years ago my son Greg said he’d like the chair. I had it refinished and reupholstered for him.

The upholstery is similar to what was on it.

It fits perfectly in their home and is a very comfortable chair.

There is nothing like a rocking chair!


Terri said...

The reason it is so heavy is because it is well made, and made with long lasting things. New stuff will be dust before this chair even shows any age... It really looks brand new now. Your son is lucky to have it. He won't have to buy a new one and can pass this on to his grnadkids. I wish I had some of the old furniture that was thrown away.

Robbie said...

I think this is a great chair!!! Love the design!!! I'm sure you're having fun!!

Anonymous said...

I took my parents dining table. It was sort of a shock when it landed at my house as there were two worn spots. I remembered the table a certain way - but then my parents used it another 30 years after I left home... and the two worn spots were where their wrists sat during the meal! Sure hope I find a great refinisher like you did.