Sunday, June 16, 2013

Shibori Fabric Design Experiments



When working with these fabrics everything is a new experience. Each fabric is different.

This is the beginning of one trial with some of the fabrics.


I have used fabrics from quite a few different years dyeing activities that I am trying out.

I can see possibilities with these. When I photograph arrangements and look at them on the computer much becomes apparent that wasn’t obvious when I look at the design on the wall.


This is a little better than the last view. I don’t think I’ll be actually creating a quilt with it though.

Working this way gives me other ideas and tomorrow is another day, another composition with some of these fabrics and some others.


Mary Stori said...

Actually I like them all....esp. the last, EXCEPT - girfriend to girlfriend.....lose the bagel or donut in the center......grinning...

Leslie Tucker Jenison said...

Oooh, ahhhh! Love the shibori pieces. I'm intrigued by the round image, which I assume was some sort of clamped object? I would love to see that off-center, maybe in one of the lower quadrants. Very fun, Kay!

Cathy Perlmutter said...

Fantastic, intricate, I love it.
I wouldn't have thought of a bagel or donut, but now that I have, maybe you should move it away from the center....

Anonymous said...

I love your fabrics. The linear combination with the color- blows me away.