Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How Does One Turn A Man’s Suit Into Luggage?


After retirement most men find little occasion to wear the expensive suits in their wardrobe.

If we had donated them (they are a size few people wear) I knew someone would cut them up to make rugs or something.

I couldn’t bear to see that happen so I have plans to use them myself.


I bought a new computer travel case after a handler at the airport broke the wheel on mine. I travel as light as possible. The new case has room for my computer and a few changes of clothes. I know from experience I need just a little more than that. I remembered a small case I had years ago that had a bag on top that fit over the handle. I saw this gorgeous black wool gabardine suit in the closet. Perfect fabric, weight and color.

I was able to use one of the pockets on the front of the bag, the perfect spot for a boarding pass.

luggage cube straponback

This is the wide “strap” on the back that slides over the computer case handle. Notice the case has very little body. I chose not to add any stiffeners so as not to add extra weight nor make it more difficult to sew and turn.


I did use the suit lining on the inside of the case.


I used two of the pant belt loops to attach a shoulder strap from another piece of luggage.

That was not successful. It was easy to attach the strap, but since it the loops were so close to the bottom (necessitated by the zipper length) the bag flipped upside down when using the strap!


Here is the computer case with the luggage “cube” on top. It measures 9” x 9” x 9”.

I think it will be the solution to being able to handle my computer and everything I need on any trip.

When I need more than this I can just ship it.


This is a close up of how it attaches to the handle.

I think this set up will work very well for me.

Of course I only used a small portion of the suit. You may see many other projects made in imported black wool gabardine!


Mary Stori said...

In a word....brilliant!!!

Robbie said...

Well who knew!!!! Now you'll have to go into business making these for everyone! We'll send you the suits!