Monday, June 17, 2013

More Shibori Design Try Outs


While working on the design ideas yesterday I got the idea to try out this start of a composition.

The proportions are not right and it needs more work or it may be a false start.


This is the start of another design possibility. It would be so much easier if I could come up with some type of formula to use my shibori and other patterned hand dyed fabrics.

That’s not really possible as I am dyeing such a variety of colors, designs and sizes. At some time that may happen, but right now I am just trying to come up with compositions which make the best use of the fabrics I’ve dyed. I know not everyone works with shibori fabrics this way, but it is my working style at the present time.


Deb H said...

A wonderful style it is! It's taking to old things (Shibori & geometric patterned quilts) & making them feel new & fresh!

Julie in GA said...

I love the second design with the strips weaving over & under each other--looks great!

Anonymous said...

I think your pieces are lovely. Do you have Yoshiko Wada's books on shibori? She has lots of techniques for different patterns. Also you might try stitching or use a pleater if you haven't tried those methods.

Lelia from the dyerslist

Barbarba Douglas said...

Kay, I like the Black and white composition. I like the woven look. I like it 'as is', and see it with the individual pieces quilted then assembled, then started envisioning it with a solid like red behind it. Then thought of your comment about formulas; yeah it would be fun to try this fabric in several different ways! ~ Barb

Robbie said...

You know my favorite...BLACK AND WHITE...last pic...that's not to say the first isn't nice too! The b/w is just my favorite

Nienke said...

OH I just LOVE the first one, so bright and vivid. Please take us further on this discovery tour!!