Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Making My Own Sunshine With My Shibori Fabrics


Since Mother Nature didn’t have enough sunshine for our area today I thought I’d try and make my own.

I started with these fabrics.


Knowing how black sets off anything I added black borders.


Green is Mother Nature’s neutral so I thought I’d try it. It also is a variation of one of the colors I’ve already used.


Using both green and black is more interesting.

I am enjoying playing with the fabrics I have dyed and some of the compositions have possibilities.

Time will tell!


Robbie said...

Love the green orange combo...can't decide if I like the black shibori with it or not....great way to make your own sunny day!

sonja said...

yes the green is working for me in your latest sunny piece. I often think green is my basic black when it comes to wearing clothes and still conceder red a neutral. enjoying your shibori!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Kay. Very interesting combination of marvelous fabrics. The black seems to balance it all out.
best, nadia

Anonymous said...

I love the sunshine fabric. I've resisted dying my own (quilting already has enough steps), but seeing your results, I'm being tempted.

If I were making it, I'd put a very narrow (1/8 of 1/4 inch) deep rich dark between the sun and the green.