Sunday, November 17, 2013

Diamond Variations


This is one possible design I came up with using the pieced diamonds on the design wall. Each of these star units were what I originally intended to do with them, just not all together.

They look great, but it is a more traditional set than I want to do.


What if I used them placed on the diagonal? Another possibility.


This Broken Star layout also looks good. I will not be using it as I have made several broken stars.

I will be trying another arrangement that was the one I had hoped would work with these unit.

Stay tuned!


Ramona said...

Love your color choices! All of the layouts are pretty. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

LynDee said...

Oh, I really love the third example. And I love it against the grey (I know that's your design wall)...May be using a color that seems to be in fashion right now (or black?!?) will give you an additional push to complete the quilt.