Friday, November 1, 2013

Trick or Treat?



We had one trick or treater at the house for Halloween.

I’m sure you think this is the REAL Batman!

It’s really my grandson Cooper.

He is following in a family tradition as his Dad and Grandpa were both Batman for Halloween years ago.

We had to get out the family photo album so he could see them as Batman.

He seemed obsessed with age and we had to figure out how old those who have passed would be if they were still here, as well as those who are still here.

His Great-great grandpa would be 137 years old if he were still alive. That got a big WOW from him!

He also went home with a treasure from the Watermelon basket.

I just knew he’d pick the fish to hang on his wall and he did…….but when I showed him the little address book where he could keep track of friends and families phone numbers he changed his mind.

Now when he is talking on his Bat Phone he will know if he is talking to his Mom or Sally who raised his dogs Murphy and Marley!

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Robbie said...

Adorable...and the backdrop of shibori is perfect for picture taking!