Friday, November 22, 2013

No Brainer Knitting Project!


Well, almost a no brainer! After I had knitted about 20 rows I realized that for about 3 rows I was knitting every row instead of pearling alternate rows.

I ripped it out and started all over.

I needed a project I could work on with friends, while watching TV, etc…….my socks are at the point they require concentration

I have a feeling this is not one of those patterns you can make an error on and have it turn out.


The diagonal rows you see become a fringe when you unravel them….MAGIC!

I am guessing if I don’t do the increases and decreases correctly the entire shawl could unravel….

Stay tuned.


Shelly said...

Looks like fun. I need a fun project. All of mine are so serious.

Judy S. said...

It will be fun to see this finished. It's an interesting project.

Dar said...

Sounds like a fun project, but don't quite understand the unraveling part. The colors are right up my alley though.