Sunday, June 1, 2014

Grandmother/Granddaughter Collaborative Quilt


When my granddaughter Dana saw the quilt her older sister Heidi composed with my extra polyester double knit blocks she wanted to make a quilt too.

I was not about to make any more polyester double knit blocks, yet didn’t want to disappoint a 4 year old!

So I got out my unfinished blocks and let her compose them in a way that satisfied her. (Don’t tell her but I did have to add some spacer strips!)

Of course I sewed it together.


She chose the backing fabric.

We had a long arm quilter quilt it and I finished it with a binding.

This was made about 20 years ago.

I think she really loved that backing fabric.

About the same time I was making Glad Rags for my granddaughters.

She picked her own fabric and wanted it all made from just one fabric.


Since the time she was a baby she had watched me work on my design wall. I think she thought anything made from fabric belonged on the design wall.


Here is the jacket pinned on the design wall.


You can see how proud she was of putting this on the wall.

I don’t think she ever wore it as she must have somehow thought one didn’t wear things we put on the design wall!

She has created several quilts herself in the intervening years and I will share them with you soon.


Robbie said...

What a wonderful & memorable post!!!!

Unknown said...

Love the backing and if I understand correctly she has a jacket from this fabric... cool.