Thursday, June 19, 2014

It’s A Working Studio–The Rest Of The Story

I had several people ask about my antique thread cabinet.


Just like almost every piece of furniture I have this does have a great story.

Before we started the the addition to our home  we had visited friends in their new home to get some ideas. They had a gorgeous antique thread cabinet I coveted. I hoped someday to find one, but was not having any luck.

When we were almost done building the addition  (which included the studio) I was having one of those days where it was just too much stress since the 3 month building project had dragged on for a year.

I decided I’d go visit my favorite antique shop which had just opened for the season.

Of course I was still on my quest for a thread cabinet but I did not expect to find one.

I walked in the door and not 10 feet in front of me was this cabinet.

I instantly fell in love with it but we were out of money from the building project.

I expressed my love for it to the owner. She said I could pay a small amount down and they’d hold it for me for a period of time. Of course I agreed to that.

I was so busy when the time was up I had not contacted her. She had lost my contact information.

She called the only quilter she knew who lived about 10 miles from me.

She didn’t know me but did remember her son was doing some wood work for my son – and then she looked out the window and her son had just drove up.

So she got the contact information from him and relayed it to the antique shop owner who was then able to call me.

We went the next day (I think it was Mother’s Day) and made the final payment.

They held it for me until the studio was in shape to move it in.

They delivered it and even took it up to the studio which was on the second floor.

It was meant to be and I love it even more today than I did when I bought it.

I filled the front of each drawer with old wooden spools that still had thread on them in a color run order. Of course the old thread is too weak to use so it is just for show.

Behind each wooden spool is my supply of thread, in a similar color order.

The drawers on the bottom hold large spools that are too large to fit in the top drawers.

This is just one of my life stories about how I found things I treasure.

Did you hear the one about my treadle sewing machine?

Or the one about Quilting Granny?

Or the one about the post office desk I store yarn in?

And there are many more stories too as I furnish my home with “new to me” finds.


Robbie said...

Love this story.. but love the cabinet!!!!!

Quilting Tangent said...

Wonderful, so pretty and useful. I love antiques they add so much to a home.
24Tangent "at" gmail "dot" com

Unknown said...

Thrilled to see the up close picture of the cabinet. It is indeed a beauty. The story shows it was meant to be. Thanks for the show and tale.