Wednesday, June 11, 2014

This Is A Secret So Please Don’t Tell!

Photo: What we do when we have no electricity in the office...have fun with Cooper Sorensen!

This is my 8 year old grandson Cooper along with Geri, one of his employees….he likes to be the boss at the office!

What a great picture of both of them!

He visited me two nights ago and was very interested in all my polymer clay work.

I had to show him the clay, the canes I have made and explain the process of making an amulet.

Then we looked at other things I had made with the clay and also the tools I used. He had a lot of good questions and seemed to really understand what I told him.

He did get a few extras to take home with him too.

When he saw the amulets I made for the first time he was only 4. He said he wanted to make some amulets.

I told him he had to be 8 because Katie was coming over to work with clay and she was 8.

He then told his Dad he wanted to be 8, right now!!!!!!

Well now he is 8 and I am not currently set up to do clay. I hope he doesn’t remember the conversation from 4 years ago!

I hope he isn’t disappointed when I do set up for clay work and he finds out there is a steep learning curve before he can make an amulet!

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