Friday, March 27, 2015

Debbie’s Departure

You are thinking I never shared her arrival!
We were so busy talking, eating and spending time with friends I hardly took any pictures. Sorry.
My friend Debbie Jones spent a month in Florida teaching her fiber art techniques to many different groups. She is one of the most in demand teachers you will find today. What she has to share is something no one else does anything similar too.
She arrived Tuesday evening and we went directly to Eaton’s Beach for dinner. The wait was an hour (actually I think it was really less). We waited downstairs with a glass of wine from the Beach Bar and enjoyed the lake view sitting right next to the sandy beach…spectacular.
Our dinners were wonderful as they always are at Eatons Beach and we actually we able to get a table right outside, although they did have the clear windows closed to protect us from the wind.

Soon after we arrived home we finished the last two slices of the Key Lime pie I had been saving for us. We talked until the wee hours.
Wednesday we were invited to Beth Sherman’s lovely home for lunch. My “separated at birth twin” Carol Gordhamer also was there.
We had a lovely lunch and we chattered non stop and enjoyed seeing all of Beth’s wonderful new Santa’s and dolls.
From there we went up to the Horizon Center where I was giving a presentation on a very simple way to create a tessellation to the Quilters and Needle Artists group.

These are some of the Tessellations Debbie made. I am quite anxious to see what she does with them. I know I’ll be excited to see the results.
We came home and relaxed a while before heading up to our clubhouse for dinner. The weather was perfect for us to enjoy our dinner outside.
Soon after arriving home I got a text from Drew wanting to come over as he “hadn’t had anything to eat for 3 days”!  Of course it probably had only been 3 hours but he and Andy arrived and I fed them and Drew had his butter pecan ice cream.
Andy was too busy naming and pricing Debbie’s quilts she brought in to show me to even have desert! He’s actually getting pretty spot on with prices after having a bit of experience.
After they left Debbi and I again talked for hours. Knowing Debbie had to get on her way early we did turn in before midnight.
It was hard to let her go this morning as we have so much to talk about and share.
Next year we plan on her spending more time here.
Safe travels, Debbie.
I do want to share her website with you. I know you’ll love her work. If you have a guild in Florida that is looking for a really great class/classes get in touch with here quickly before her schedule for March 2016 fills up.
You will find that her classes are really special as is Debbie herself.

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