Thursday, March 26, 2015

It’s All About Color- My Closet That Is!

I have recently done some reorganizing in my closet.
I did my best to take pictures in the closet which doesn’t have a lot of light. This is one of the sections where we lowered the shelf and hanging bar considerably. It makes it so much easier to reach things. I did eliminate a long hanging space where I kept slacks under this section.
In this section I hang “suits”! Suits to me mean a matching casual jacket or top and a pair of slacks or a skirt.
You can see you I hang everything in color flow order. It makes it so much easier to find what I am looking for and also to put things away.
It also is more pleasing to my eye!
This section is a full length hanging area. Here clothes are arranged more by purpose than color which allows me to see if I have something appropriate to wear for special occasions or just plain relaxing.
Basically I have paired my closet down to only the clothes I wear. To some it may look like I have a lot of clothes. I have clothes here for a variety of seasons. I did not buy all these clothes recently. Some of them are teenagers and some might be even older than that. I have favorite brands and when I buy something from one of those companies they generally stay in my wardrobe for a long long time as I know they work for me.
I have two bags of still great clothes ready for donating. I actually have some empty shelves in the closet…the result of the rearranging of the shelves, the reorganizing of the clothes and the fact I am getting rid of quite a bit. A few special clothes will eventually make their way to eBay.
I find the Elfa closet systems perfect for me as I have rearranged this closet several times to better accommodate my needs as I figure what works best for me.

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