Thursday, March 12, 2015

Variables In Ice Dyeing

Someone mentioned the colors could have been stronger on the ice dyeing I posted recently had I let them batch longer.

So I did an experiment.


The piece on the left batched 24 hours and the one on the right batched 48 hours. The difference between them is not as it looks like in the pictures.

It was hard to get the dye even on both pieces as I don’t measure.

I think I had the ice too thick on both of them and it was old ice.

The dyes were a little on the old side, although last year they were fine when I tested them.

It was cold both days.

Since the ice covered the pieces so thick and thoroughly it was hard to put the ice on both pieces in a similar arrangement.

Red colors strike faster and give stronger colors and blue/turquoise colors strike slow and work better with warmer temperatures.

So the time might have had some effect, but I still expect better results next time.


I also did these two which were just scrunched. Again similar results but not definitive when it comes to time batched.

I do believe I will get better results when I dye in warmer weather…’s here…and use less and fresher ice.

To me ice dyeing is an adventure and I always love the serendipitous surprises.

Since I am a person who likes strong color I have a hard time including lights and pastels in my palette of fabrics.

These might not be what I had in mind, but they are what I need!

A friend said these recent pieces I posted were reminiscent of Monet.

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