Thursday, March 19, 2015

My Sewing Cart Is Proving It’s Worth

This is an almost straight on side view of the sewing cart. It is a perfect place to keep my cutting matts and rulers handy. It the past they were either in the former studio/office/second guest room closet or on the kitchen counter.
I thought the idea of storing the rulers upright where one might store bottles of wine was genius on my part!
That round white item next to my rulers is a lint roller and it fits perfectly into an aluminum vase I found in a cupboard.
This slightly angled view from the top shows bobbins, my sewing glasses, fabrics that I will be using to finish the quilts I have layered and some projects.
I am using assorted trays I found in the house to keep items contained, yet accessible.
The drawer is the perfect place for scissors, sewing implements, thread and other assorted small items.
This by no means holds all my sewing supplies. It is just meant to have the things I use often or will be using soon close at hand.
Tonight we will have a celebratory dinner for Andy's birthday and he and Drew's picking up the cart, delivering it and unpacking it on Andy's actual birthday.

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The Inside Stori said...

Is that the tip of your clogs beneath the cart on the last photo?? You and I are probably the only people that still wear original wood sole clogs? (At least mine at still wood....the softer soles confuse my feet after nearly 50 years of wearing clogs!