Wednesday, March 11, 2015

More Florida Ice


This was probably the strangest folds I ever did when I ice dyed.

The folds created an interesting design.

It is something I’d never be able to recreate even if I tried.

But….recreating is not my goal.

I love to try many different designs.

This is why when someone asks me to tell them how I did something I can’t as I can’t remember how I did each piece!

So it you are interested in ice dyeing just fold, twist, or do whatever for your own original designs.


Lynda said...

Beautiful piece!

Judi said...

My hubby said it looks like an owl

Cay Denise said...

Vey nice!

Melissa said...

I'd love to try this

Sandra Walker said...

This is really cool. I took a dyeing class many years ago and have a book on the subject. Something I would love to do more of...not enough time! What are you going to make with it?

Sue Kaufman said...

Hi Kay I always enjoy your posts, and your recent ice dyes pique my curiosity. They are so pretty, and the colors so soft. Thanks for sharing on Quiltart, where I got this link.

Christina Brummett said...

What a Gorgeous piece! Great Colors...and what an Interesting design!

sonja said...

Just stunning, beautiful! reminds me of looking through hand made kaleidoscopes.