Friday, March 13, 2015

My New Sewing Cart

I found a beautiful tea cart on eBay.


I realized it would be a perfect item to use to keep sewing supplies and small projects close at hand.

It could be moved into another room easily.


It has a pull out cutting board that could give me extra space to put things when I am working.

The lower pull out is like a silverware tray and it will be perfect for scissors, sewing implements and the threads I am currently using.


This is where I will be using it. It fits this space perfectly. I have not put things on it yet.

My friends picked it up for me at the Greyhound station this evening and brought it over.

Drew carried the 58 pound box in on his shoulder all alone. He then proceeded to open it for me. It was so well packaged which meant a long time to get it all open and out of the box.

I sure appreciate having friends like Andy and Drew….I didn’t expect them to bring it today as it was Andy’s birthday.

I LOVE vintage Scandinavian furniture and this looks wonderful in the room.

I sure was thinking out of the box when I bought this. It is so versatile I could use if for other uses too.

Andy thinks it would be great at his house in the pool house for parties! Guess he’ll have to start checking out eBay!

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Robbie said...

It is perfect, isn't it!!!