Monday, October 26, 2015

Another Throw In Progress

I’m sharing a work in progress.


This is a section of the afghan/throw I am currently knitting.

I love the relaxation of knitting. I use a simple garter stitch which is the easiest way to knit. It also makes a very warm cover.

When I knit these if is a great exercise using color.


This group of yarns are the ones I will be making my next choices from. The blending and changing of colors is what makes these so gorgeous.

Each one uses at least 50 different yarns. This is the 4th one I have done recently.

I purchase no new yarn to make them. I often use up small balls of yarn left from other projects. I also pull orphan balls from my yarn collection.

I start with a group of yarns in the colors I need for the color scheme I plan to make. As I work I go through my yarns and add whatever it seems to need.

Years ago when I put all my yarn in my first yarn cabinet, an old post office desk, my son came in and looked at the beautifully arranged yarns by color.

He said “Mom, and when are you going to knit?”

My answer “What, and spoil that beautiful arrangement?”

But I do knit and use the yarn. I know have a second yarn cabinet which is really a china cabinet. Almost all my yarns are now visible, with the exception of some bins in the bottom of the second cabinet holds odd or small balls of yarn.

I have made a major dent in my yarn collection this summer, so much so that I have a display of some colored glass, along with the yarn in the china cabinet.

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Robbie said...

Funny, I don't ever knit until winter! You're getting me back in the bug! Love the colors and what a great way to use up leftovers!