Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!


For many years it was a tradition to decorate a full size Christmas tree for each holiday.

It was a challenge to decorate one for Halloween as I did it for my young grandchildren which ruled out anything scary.

Eventually I gave it up as it was way too much work. The biggest part was changing the lights for each tree. I did luck out on the Halloween and Thanksgiving trees as I just turned the face on the jack o lanterns to the back and I had pumpkins for Thanksgiving.

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Sandy said...

A Halloween Tree? A Thanksgiving Tree, and THEN a Christmas Tree??? OMG, you're too much! It's very cute but so much work to put up, decorate, undecorated, redecorate, undecorate again down to the bare branches, put on white lights, queue the Christmas carols and start the hot chocolate, redecorate again! Bet the kids loved it. You need to drink more wine.