Friday, October 16, 2015

No More Ugly Duckling Fabric

I have resolved this piece I showed last time by adding other fabrics to make a cohesive design.
I have also done some of the quilting.
I’m pleased with what is happening.
I still have work to do on it, but I’m seeing it is going in a good direction.


Nancy Burkhalter said...

This is probably the same story as my fabrics that I thought were awful. Robbie and you convinced me that parts of them would work so well. I haven't tried it yet, cuz my craft room isn't ready yet for me to unpack. But it will happen in 2-3 months. Live with them!!!

Sue Kaufman said...

The great part about the ugly duckling hand dyes is that when they grow up to be used in part or pieces they can become the graceful swan we were hoping for when they were a disappointing whole piece. Of course not all our hand dyes are divas! But there are nice bits everywhere, as you have shown so well above.